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Melodic, syncopated, glitchy, emotional electronic music.


Selected pieces from commissioned and personal works.


Handrafted light emmitting objects, usually one piece only.

Wrtiing Services

Written word content for communications and more. Writer for hire.

Video Production

Commissioned and art projects

Digital Art

3D and other works, contains NFTs.

Musings and more

Thoughts on love, life, sexuality and spirit.

About me

Hi, I am a professional polymath! I love working with various forms, modes and mediums to create art and make a living. Click through for a longer introduction.

Dream Projects

Ideas that I am developing and love to brainstorm and dream about.

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[email protected]

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If you have my number, you are welcome to send me your message via Whatsapp. I love voice notes!

DM on Instagram

I am quite active on Instagram, so it's a great place for us to catch up. My id is @shailpik, follow and say hi!