Shailpik is an artist with work that breaks boundaries and flows through interdimensional spaces. Multiple traditions and bloodlines converge into a contemporary vision of sound, colour and form. The concepts manifest as photographs, music, 3D art and mythos. He has created content for projects supported by FVODKA, Tata Steel, and has been commissioned by ITC Royal Bengal, Novotel, Westin, kolkata Knight Riders IPL Cricket Team, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, EO 2015, and many others.

Shailpik has performed as a live electronic musician and audiovisual artist all over india, with various installations to his credit. He stepped into web3 by participating mainly as a collector on the Tezos community and is now bringing his latest project to collectors on Ethreum.


The first conceptual collection on Ethereum is called Luminus, a seed of light that emerges from darkness to illuminate the metaverse.

Dropping soon.