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Shailpik Biswas

NFT artist

Consangnuity @ Kalamint

Consanguinity celebrates the oneness of all life through conceptiual photography.

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A (very) brief history


con·​san·​guin·​i·​ty | \ ˌkän-ˌsan-ˈgwi-nə-tē  , -ˌsaŋ-\

a close relation or connection

Where are we going? Why do we feel so alone? Where do we belong?

These are questions that haunt humanity. All our technology, our yearning for greatness, our search for meaning — all of it comes down to a quest to find a palce where we truly belong. It’s a craving for home.

It is not a place we can go. It is a feeling we evoke through meaningful experiences shared with each other. We belong to us, the collective, the whole. Our need for connection is greater than our strife and conflict. We have co-evovled with the planet. Our footprints are mingled with the micro and macro beings.

Our source is that which creates worlds and observes galaxies into being. We are one thread taking many forms, creating many worlds, many beings.

At our roots, we are all luminous beings. We create, we evolve, we dream.

About the Collection

  • Never before seen images, never published anywhere else.
  • 3 years in the making
  • 1/1 NFTs
  • Weekly drops

Photography NFTs by Shailpik


Strewn about like glowing embers, this collection is reminiscent of a love that never could be. A love that wasn’t to be.

Looking back, I see these beautiful open spaces, calling with arms wide open. They exude the peace, joy and magic of the Emerald Isle. Carefree days spent chasing the sun, not knowing the end that drew steadily near.

Just like those sunny memories, these photographs are all that remain of those days. I look at them with tender feelings filling up my heart. Making palpable the invisible imprints she left behind, these images glow bright in the warm light of nostalgia.

Serenity is a deeply personal collection of photographs shot primarily in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland over a period of 3 years, ending in 2017.


The Road Less Traveled

Hi, I am Shailpik, a third generation, multidisciplinary artist based out of Calcutta, India. My work is driven by a passion for image crafting that dates back to 2002, triggered by a single roll of 35mm film and my father’s old SLR. it has been an unstoppable journey ever since.

My expression weaves in and out of different mediums and the road ahead is full of exciting projects and collabs. Below is a brief overview of the past, present and the near future.

1987 – Minted in Kolkata (Calcutta), West bengal, india
2006 – 2009 – Graduated from Jadavpur University, Dept. of English Literature (Ranked top 5 in SouthEast Asia)
Started making music. Experimenting with visuals and live performace. Brief stint in a nu-metal band!
2010 – First paid photography assignment, first paid music tour (as part of Undefined Dimension trio).
2014, 2015 – Shot and edited digital content for Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL cricket team)
2010 – 2018 – Commissioned by Conde Nast Traveller, Westin (Rajarhat), Tata Steel, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, F-Vodka, The Park (Kolkata), Novotel, Flipkart, and myriad SMEs.
Launched solo project Shadowblink. Started creating visual art.
2016 – 2017 – Found meditation and yoga. Also end of a four years long relationship. Textbook dark night of the soul situation. A powerful blessing in disguise.
2018-2020 – Sabbatical. Training in Vipassana or Insight meditation and energy practices. Released a whole lot of ShadowBlink music just to see what happens.
2021 – Late November, entry into the NFT art world.

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