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Welcome Traveller!

Rest your weary soul (and soles). You have reached the website of Shailpik Biswas.

Shailpik identifies as a multi-modal artist. His art spans across written words, music, graphic art, motion and still pictures, mainly and a few other that are in development.

Listen to his music under the moniker ShadowBlink on all music streaming platforms incuding Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music, Jio Saavn, Gaana, etc. Find out more about his music and general philosophy of life at

Paid services include video production, motion graphics, still photography, content writing and graphic design. Clients include Goethe Institut, Kolkata Knight Riders, Westin Kolkata, The Park Kolkata, Tata Steel, MB Son’s (J), F-Vodka, Kolkata Municipal Corporation and many others. He has been active in the industry since Early 2012.