Sunset Shores


Sunset Shores

Ultra High Definition Wallpaper. Fine Art DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

Enjoy this Ultra-High Definition Fine Art Digital Download on your 2K and 4K disp[lays on any device, with rich tones, colours and details. Use it on your phone and tablet, it covers everything and can go from Landscape to Portrait mode without looking funny. The images are large enough to fill your screen with rich detail and a closeness to nature.

Shot in beautiful Northern Ireland, UK.

Commercial License not included. Please contact me for commercial use.

Fine Art Photography India.

Sunset Shores Fine Art Digital Download
Fine Art Digital Download available as an Ultra-High Definition Wallpaper for your high-resolution devices, large displays and TVs.


Shoreline 1

Ultra HIgh-Definition Fine Art Digital Download. Fine Art Photography India.

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Shot in beautiful Northern Ireland, UK.

Commercial License not included. Please contact me for commercial use. This Fine Art Photograph (India) digital download computer file is for personal use only.

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A few words about the image. And related thoughts


Hiking in the UK, especially in Northern Ireland, is always a pleasurable experience. Of course, I am talking about summer days. I don’t think anyone fancies a hike in the winter months. So we went for this hike one afternoon near Newcastle. The one in Northern Ireland, next to the sea. Of course, when in any part of the Emerald Isle, you are never too far from the sea. But Newcastle is especially charming and a favourite amongst holidaymakers.

So there we were in this forest park of sorts, hiking upwards to the highest point. As is true with most of the island, it doesn’t take long to reach the summit of anything. And that leaves us with ample time to shoot. So I lugged my heavy Manfrotto 055, my Canon DSLR and a few other things whilst my partner carried a small picnic of homemade sandwiches. Back then I was still eating meat and delighted at the various cold cuts one could get in the place.

But then the sun was setting and even though summer evenings are long in this part of the world, the window of ideal light was still shortening for me. So I got going as soon as we reach the top. Some of my favourite shots were what came out of this excursion. The sunset revealed the most amazing cloud patterns and I was mesmerised by this view of what looks like a sleepy little hamlet from this vantage point but is actually a small town.

What I cannot express in this image, is the sheer pleasure of sitting above the shoreline, looking down at the various harbours and piers, enjoying the smell of the wildflowers blooming. But you can always add that to your experience of the image now that I have told you about it.

Landscape photography has really come a long way in the world but I still feel like for most photographers it is just an excuse to get into the wilder parts of the world and simply lose themselves in the scenery. I know that it is true in my case. Whereas the nature in Ireland cannot be said to be untamed and wild but it is always exceedingly pleasant to a city dweller who just wants a bit fresh country air.

I must add that the craft beer and ale varieties that one can sample these days in any part of Europe are quite the treat for any brew lover. And the ones that I was carrying with me on this hike were definitely on point. But that is perhaps a story for another time!

-Shailpik Biswas

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